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We at LEW are proud to be the #1 choice for your energy rebate needs. We encourage you to call us (403-744-5265), email us (, or drop by our showroom to speak with us regarding applicable measures and rebates for energy efficient lighting. We can also visit your building or other location where your lighting needs can be seen, and then optimized for product look, quality, price, and rebates. To learn more about the Alberta residential and commercial rebate programs, please copy and paste this link into your internet browser:


Since Alberta’s NDP government launched the energy-efficiency rebate program, it has enlisted many out-of-province companies as suppliers, companies that claim to be expert lighting suppliers. When the NDP launched the business portion, we saw suppliers with fields of sea cans full of light bulbs, many who are working from their homes and others who now have storefronts. Simply opening a business does not make a company a lighting expert and how many are likely here in Calgary to make a quick dollar from the program?

When we were at the launch of the business program we asked one company a simple question about a common lamp PAR30 and they were dumbfounded by our query. You can add that company to the others who we feel do not know what they are selling.

Lighting & Electrical Wholesale Ltd. (LEW) has more than 20 years experience in Calgary and has always been the leader of up-to-date products. We are your best choice to help you convert to LED from a knowledge and experience standpoint. You must understand that when you buy inferior low-grade LED light bulbs and fixtures that there is a chance of failures, including a sudden fire.

All of these companies and many others in Calgary are simply importing lamps with their name on them with no technical knowledge or understanding of how the lamp works, what it does and how it will perform.

We have samples in our showroom of some of these inferior products and you can see how the lamps are cracking – you can see how they can and possibly will fail in your home and business.

We at LEW can’t stop what the NDP began, we just want you to be careful about how you make your decisions and investigate who is supplying product to you. When doing business, you need to be given the truth and that is what LEW is built on. Please know, like and trust your supplier and if they are just in Calgary short-term, ask yourself if that is good for Calgary and Calgarians? We have enough companies in Calgary selling product from offshore manufacturers with no quality control or research and development to ensure quality and now it has escalated to a level that is frightening, thanks to the NDP’s energy efficiency program.

Remember: Caveat emptor – buyer beware